Landing Interviews but not Job Offers? Conduct an Interview Audit.

You’ve been on a number of interviews. Congratulations; your resume is definitely getting you in the door.  But, if you’re not landing offers - it’s time to do an Interview Audit.

An interview audit is the first step in resolving your interview challenges.  Do it today, and after each interview to help you refine and strengthen your interview skills.

Begin by reviewing the interview questions that were asked during your last interview.  Then evaluate your answers.  

Ask yourself:

  • Was I passionate about the role and joining their organization?  Did I differentiate myself through presenting a compelling case as to why I was interested in their opportunity?
  • Did I present a powerful reason for them to hire me?  Did I provide concrete examples of my skills and accomplishments related to the hiring manager’s needs?
  • Did I demonstrate I have the experience required to resolve critical issues related to the position I was targeting?   For example: improving top-line revenue growth, increasing productivity, reducing costs, improving efficiencies, etc.
  • Did I quantify my results to illustrate my expertise?  For example: “I improved my division’s safety record and reduced accidents from 2 per month to 6 per year”; or “I achieved a 20% reduction in labour costs through implementing kaizen methodologies.”

Do a thorough review. Then, in preparation for upcoming interviews, revise your answers and practice out loud.  In your head your answers may appear to be rock solid, but when you verbalize them you may find you are rambling, not providing information of value to the hiring manager, nor addressing their needs.  You might consider videotaping yourself or audio taping yourself using a smartphone for a more thorough review.

Lastly, consider any non-verbal communication issues which could be impacting your ability to leave a great first impression. 


  • Did I project likeability and confidence, or arrogance and reservedness?  Likeability is a key hiring variable – even at the senior leadership level.  To enhance your likeability - Smile!
  • What was my body language saying?  Was I fussing with a pen, moving my hands around too much, crossing my arms, or not giving enough eye contact?  Awareness is the first step in resolving many of these non-verbal communication issues.

If nerves are throwing your interview off, or you find yourself grasping for answers, drawing a blank, or talking too much during the interview, consider engaging in a practice interview with a Career Coach to minimize these nervous habits, start acing the interview and landing great job offers!

Wishing you much career success,


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