The First 90 Days - Your Game Plan for Success

Now that you have just been hired, what is your strategy to ensure that your first 90 days will be a success?

Your first 90 days with a new company is no time to test the waters.  Jump in and quickly demonstrate to your boss that you were the best candidate for the job.  It is vital for you to have a plan in place, so that you make the most of each day during this critical first quarter.

Build Key Company Relationships

Getting to know your key internal stakeholders should be first on your priority list.  Gain insight into their challenges, as well as their goals for the next quarter, six months and year.  Learn what changes they would like to make, and demonstrate your commitment to supporting those changes.

As you organize your objectives for the coming months, remain in contact with these important individuals to keep them informed, and to keep yourself updated.  According to Rich DeMatteo, founder of Twitter’s #JobHuntChat, “New hires who spend time internally networking within the company perform better, are promoted faster and can expect to have a much stronger network.”  The relationships you form with key company players will have a direct impact on your success in these first 90 days, and beyond.

Build Your Credibility by Accomplishing Goals

After meeting with the primary stakeholders in your company, develop your strategy for the next 90 days, and goals for yourself and your team.  Then, focus on achieving some quick wins, while simultaneously working on your long-term corporate objectives.  These quick wins build momentum, which is key to propelling your career forward.  When you deliver on your goals, you increase your credibility.  You also demonstrate your value, and position yourself as an individual who is a great asset to the company.

Build a Solid Team

Your boss expects you to build a solid team.  Carefully evaluate the team members that are already in place. Identify their strengths and their weaknesses before making any decisions about whether or not they should remain on the team.  Determine if their competencies are in alignment with your goals for the next quarter, the next six months, and the next year.  Strategically restructure your team according to your key objectives, then empower them to act.  Their results will dictate your success, so choose wisely.

Ensure Success in Your First 90 Days

How you choose to spend your first 90 days is vital to your success in your new position.  Your boss and other executives will be watching you to see if you are able to deliver.  With your game plan in place, you will validate their hiring decision, and quickly be seen as an asset to the company.

Hit the ground running to ensure a successful first quarter, and propel your career toward even bigger challenges and rewards.  These first 90 days are critical, so make them count.

Wishing you much career success!


Author: Joanne Loberg of JL Careers Inc. is a Certified Executive Coach and Internationally Certified Career Management Professional. She specializes in working with professional and executive clients to provide job search strategies and tools including career testing, professional resumes, LinkedIn profiles, targeted cover letters, and interview strategies and practice.  Copyright 2013 JL Careers Inc.  All rights reserved.

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